About Us

Since 1893 we've been a community of faith, formed by the grace and love of God in Jesus Christ and called by him to proclaim through word and deed the good news of peace and happiness and salvation. As a local expression of the universal Body of Christ, we’re committed to glorifying and enjoying God in Ozark, Alabama – together on Sundays in public worship, and then in our ordinary lives every day of the week.
We’re a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and we share our denomination’s vision. In unity with the whole Body of Christ, we’re called to exhibit God’s love and Jesus’ message of deliverance to a broken world that is weary of rebellion against the One who made us, disillusioned with hollow materialism, and injured by shattered relationships. We care about people. We show concern for the poor and for victims of such catastrophes as famines and earthquakes. We'll show you this love and concern as you involve yourself with us.

Now that you've read a little bit about who we are, why not come by and get to know us?